Special Activites


Fun Times!



Thank you to our ’49er volunteers that set up some extra activities for our guests and visitors. Although we had some good adult participation at the encampment, we really need our members to bring your kids and grandkids!

We hope for the 75th Anniversary we will be able to see more smiling faces.


Gold Panning and Gem Mining

Even thought it felt like the ice bucket challenge, we did get some folks and a few kids willing to put the pan in for a cold water dip to find those gems.  Thank you to Dennis and Jim for setting up the Gold Panning this year!

Kiddie Korral ~ Arts and Crafts

Thank you Nancy for providing special Build a Doll or Horse project  at the craft table.  There were a few dolls and horses being held and soon to find a home with younger family members.  They made for a great handmade gift for someone special.

Blacksmith and Dutch Oven Demonstrations

Thank you to Floyd Blackmon for showing off his blacksmithing skills and art pieces.  It amazed so many to watch a straight piece of steel be heated over an open fire and turned into tools and artwork.

The Dutch Oven receipes and tasting were also a great treat