Entertainment 2024

Entertainment 2024

Wednesday 7 pm to 9 pm – Longstreet Inn & Casino, Colorado Room

Coyote Howl (open mic to all those that want to participate)

Thursday 7 pm to 9 pm – Location TBD

Old West Trio and Tony Argento

Friday 4 pm to 10 pm – Longstreet Inn & Casino, Colorado Room

75th Anniversary Banquet

Old West Trio and Tony Argento

Saturday 11 am to 12:00 pm – DVNP Visitors Center, Auditorium

Veterans Tribute with Old West Trio and Tony Argento

Saturday 8- 10 pm – Longstreet Inn, Colorado Room

Old West Trio and Tony Argento


Tony Argento

“Tuned Up And Twisted Cowboy Poetry At Its Best”

Cowboy Poet, humorist, story teller, historian, entertainer, public speaker, writer, emcee
an’ ambassador o’ “COWBOY POETRY”. Tony was introduced to “COWBOY POETRY” from
his Granddad. From that point forward, he began recitin’ ‘at age 5 in ’65 with ‘is 1 st
memorized poem; (“The Devil’s Tail”) by Gail Gardner.
Tony calls his style o’ recitin’; ‘TUNED UP & TWISTED.” Once you see him perform, you’ll
know why. A common statement heard from the audience, is;” He’s quite animated”. He
does voice animation an’ vocal sound effects an’ makes good use o’ props.
His love o’ “COWBOY POETRY” is contagious, especially to his audience.
“COWBOY POETRY” has been ‘round since the years followin’ the Civil War. It’s unique
form continues to show the Cowboy an’ the American West is alive with stories o’
elevated humor, PATRIOTISM, serious an’ solemn verse. It’s a GREAT source o’
entertainment for the entire family.
Tony says,” Once you get a transfusion o’ “COWBOY POETRY” in your blood, you’ll be
hooked for life. That’s what happened to me. An’ YES! It’s VERY contagious!”
Tony’s line-up includes; (CLASSIC, PATRIOTIC, humor, rodeo, gunslingers an’ drifters,
novelty, original, gold rush, solemn an’ more). In addition, he does Civil War recitations
such as; the Gettysburg Address. An’ Lincoln’s favorite; his 2 nd Inaugural Address” an’ he
recites the most famous letter from the Civil War.
2011 winner o’ both events from the Texas Crossroads Cowboy Gatherin’;
The “Kamikaze Cow” poetry/song/story contest an’ the “Overall Audience Entertainment
Value” competition; (voted upon by the audience).
An’ featured Cowboy Poet of the 2013 “National Day O’ The Cowboy” celebration at the
Kennewick, Washington “Cowboy Gatherin’” on the Columbia River.

Old West Trio


Old West Trio performs songs of the American West. With the best of three voices, two guitars, and one bass, listeners can expect to hear elements of the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry, and more with a peppering of swing, yodeling, and lighthearted fun. Group members Steve Johnson (lead guitar), Steve Ide (rhythm guitar), and Leslie Ide (bass) have been performing together for 20 years. They have appeared at the annual encampment since 2013.