Historic & Educational Programs

2023 Program Presenters

David Woodruff, Author and Historian

Deb Fox, Author and Historian

On the Trail of Female Prospectors of the Death Valley Region

Stan Paher, Author and Historian

Death Valley Trails – Panel Discussion Includes an audience Q&A Mike Donohue, Doug Shearer, Stan Paher, and Glen Shaw

Death Valley Natural History Association
An overview of the programs of the DVNHA and how they support Death Valley National Park. David Blacker, Asst. ’49er Chairman, Executive Director of DVNHA

DV National Park flood damage and road conditions update

The Death Valley National Park Superintendent Mike Reynolds and NPS Park Rangers will give us an update on the current conditions of the park.  Come hear about all the that is happening in Death Valley National Park and learn more about the history and present day initiatives for restoration, rebuilding and educational programs.